How to Lock Specific Chats on NS WhatsApp?

In the ever-evolving world of advanced communication, guaranteeing the security of our discussions has to be foremost. 

NS WhatsApp Application, one of the foremost prevalent informing stages universally, offers clients the capacity to hide particular chats for an included layer of security.

How to lock specific chats on NS WhatsApp

Steps to Lock Specific Chats on NS WhatsApp:

Here are step by step guide to lock specific chat on NS WhatsApp:

Press on Three three dots:

The preparation of locking particular chats on NS WhatsApp is clear. Begin by opening the WhatsApp application on your gadget and exploring the chat you would like to secure. Within the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll discover three dabs, which speak to the menu alternatives. Press on these three dabs to uncover a dropdown menu.

Tap on Privacy:

From the dropdown menu, select the “Security” alternative. NS WhatsApp’s Protection settings envelop different highlights aimed at upgrading client control over their informing encounter. By clicking on Security, you open the entryway to a range of customization choices that permit you to oversee who can see your data and when.

Discover Chat Lock:

Inside the Protection settings, find the “Chat lock” highlight. Usually, the key component that empowers you to secure particular chats with an extra layer of security. Upon selecting Chat lock, WhatsApp will incite you to set a passcode or utilize biometric confirmation (unique mark or facial acknowledgment) to open the chosen chat

By following these guidelines you can simply lock any chat that you want, it is a straightforward process.

How to lock chat in NS whatsapp

Pros and Cons:

Here is a balanced overview of the pros and cons:


  • Locking particular chats includes an additional level of security, guaranteeing that as it were authorized people can get to the conversations.
  • The choice to utilize unique finger impressions or facial acknowledgment includes comfort without compromising security.


  • Having to open chats each time you need to get to them can be badly arranged for clients who as often as possible switch between conversations.
  • Whereas it secures the app locally on your gadget, it doesn’t prevent somebody from getting to your chats on the off chance that they have physical access to your device and know your passcode.

Does locking a chat inform the other person?

No, locking a chat could be a highlight on your phone. It doesn’t send any notices to the other party included in the conversation.

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In conclusion, the capacity to lock particular chats on NS WhatsApp gives clients a profitable device to safeguard their sensitive conversations. While it comes with both advantages and disadvantages, understanding the features and implications allows users to make decisions about how to best protect their privacy in the digital age.

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