How to send a message without saving a number on NS WhatsApp?

If you want to text a person without saving his number, but don’t know how? Undoubtedly, NSWhatsApp APK provides many features but there is not any separate feature to send messages without saving a number. But still, you can send a message by following guidelines.

How to send a message without saving a number on NS WhatsApp

Steps to Send Message without Saving a contact

1) Sending messages through NS WhatsApp group:

If you are going to text a number that is not in your contact list but that exists in any WhatsApp group you can text without saving that number.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Visit the WhatsApp group in your NS WhatsApp.
  • Select any number that you want to text.
  • Tap on that number and you will be given four options:
  • Message, call, video call, and more.
  • Select chat now you can chat without saving the number. 

If these options are not available in your NS WhatsApp, then you have to do this,

  • Just select any group and click on the group name. 
  • Scroll down and find the option for members.
  • At the bottom of the screen will find all the members.

Click on any number, and you will find four options that are 

  • Message 
  • Add to contacts
  • Add to contact
  • Verify security code 

By using the first option, you can message anyone without saving their number.

Important use: “This tip is not useful for community groups; if you click on view members then at the screen you just can see your number and admin number.”

Sending a message without adding it contact:

If you have an unsaved number of anyone you can text without saving this number, you have to do this.

Just paste that number on WhatsApp anywhere; you can text that number to yourself. After that, click on that number, and you will be given some options.

There are here:

  • Chat with number
  • Call on WhatsApp
  • Add to contacts 

Click on chat with a number, you have a conversation with that person.

How to send message without saving number

While using third-party apps:

For the above methods, you do not need any proper process or any third-party app. But if you are going to chat different numbers for a long time without saving then you have to need a third party. You can use an app like “easy messaging” for this.

Be aware, of the pros and cons of third-party app and security issues.

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