How to activate DND mode on NS WhatsApp? 

DND stands for “Don’t disturb me” in the world of AL. Just imagine you are lost in any activity and suddenly your phone starts PING! PING! PING! Group chats, and personal chats, will interpret you. 

But no more here is the cure for your digital problem. It will silence your digital storm by not showing notifications.

How to activate DND mood on NS WhatsApp

Activating DND Mode On NS WhatsApp:

Here’s how to enact DND mode on NSWhatsApp APK, went with the proper guide

 1. Getting to DND Settings:

  •  Open NS WhatsApp.
  •  Tap the three dots in the right corner.
  •  Picture of three vertical specks in NS WhatsAppOpens in a modern window.
  •  Select “NS Settings” from the menu.
  •  Explore  “Protection and Security.”
  •  Scroll down and tap “Don’t Disturb.”

 2. Enacting DND:

 Flip the switch on to empower DND mode.

 3. Customizing DND (Optional):

The first step is to Plan DND. To do this Tap “Plan DND” to set particular times for programmed activation. Make sure to include Exemption. Tap “Exemptions” to select people or bunches who can still message you amid DND.

Now Cover up Online Status. Flip the “Cover up Online Status” choice to conceal your online nearness when in DND. After covering up online status Customize DND Symbol, Tap “DND Symbol” to choose a visual representation of your DND mode.

Once activated, DND mode will quiet notices and offer a more centered encounter. Keep in mind to customize special cases and check in once in a while to avoid lost critical messages. By following these guidelines you can get rid of extra group notifications.


The latest version of NS WhatsApp offers you ghost and airplane modes, they are your mystery partners, changing your phone into a peaceful device.

Ghost mode:

While the ghost mood is active, your actions will be invisible to everyone. Your last seen is frozen, other people will think you didn’t receive the message, opened messages will not turn blue, and you can view statuses secretly.

This option is available on the home page of NS WhatsApp. On the top of the screen, you will have some options with related symbols. Click on the ghost symbol and then click on “activate”.

Methods to activate DND mode on NS whatsapp

Airplane mode:

Airplane Mood disconnects all internet and phone connectivity, while Airplane Mood is on, you will not be able to send or receive messages. The internet connection will be off from your NS WhatsApp but does not affect your overall performance.

Activating dnd mode on NS whatsapp

Just visit the home screen of NS WhatsApp, at the top of the screen you will find the option for airplane mode, a symbol like wi-fi, click on it and “activate.”

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